Free N One is a faith-based approach to treatment with Cognitive Behavioral Interventions and Therapy (CBT).

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Free From Drugs and Alcohol and One In Christ

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When God calls you to ministry, victory, the finish line, whatever that looks like to you should be your goal. Because you are called by God you eat, sleep, and breathe that calling. To win this battle on drug and alcohol addiction (and we will win) there has to be a concentrated well thought out plan supported by the Word of God to see a change in our community. Click on and see what Free N One is doing next. Revivals, Training, Conferences, speaking engagements, book signings and other events can be found on this page. Free N One training institute is a Certified CDAAC Program where individuals receive their certification to be certified counselors in the state of California. Join us ever morning Monday – Friday in prayer. The life blood of our organization
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Millions of people are free from drugs and or alcohol because they followed a path and process that is designed by God. We’ve also found peace and serenity, joy and happiness because we learned how to surrender. For you family members and love ones of  addicts and alcoholics join our meeting on Friday night. God didn’t leave you out, there is hope for you.

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1) Drug and Alcohol Training
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2020 COVID Shutdown our annual Christmas Drive. Hundreds of kids went without. We plan to work even harder to make sure that will never happen again. We are accepting toys now! And we will continue all the way to December 20. Help Us

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